Sites We Like
​The sites below are an interesting mix of people, places and things.
Please take a moment to visit them, and if you see something you like, tell them George sent you.

18 Circles Tai Chi

Susan G. Levy,  Tai Chi/Qigong Practice Leader, and producer of the song "Keep the Faith" on the Passions CD.  Susan teachers Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Atlanta.

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is by far the largest Greek-American organization. Its scope is international - with chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia and Greece.

The official site for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, for which I am a member.

Atlanta Humane Society
George Skaroulis - The Official Music of the Atlanta Humane Society. Bringing peace and calm to people AND their pets.

Atlanta Water Gardens
Bringing serenity to the city of Atlanta. Pond and water garden experts, and really great friends! They are also Executive Producers of Sanctuary, Forever Young, Athena, and Return to Homeland.

Blue MedSpa
Atlanta’s premiere Medical Spa listed as one of the top 55 spas in the world by Conde’Nast International Travel Magazine - 2006

Boston Pete
Featuring the web radio broadcast of Maria on The Moonlight Stream.


Bubba Carr

Emmy nominated choreographer, dancer, photographer, videographer, super-talent and friend.

Captain Anderson's Restaurant
Want great seafood in the panhandle of Florida? Visit my Uncle's place!

Carol Misner Studio

A MASTER botanical artist, and a sunny bright soul.  Carol is a Gold Executive Producer of the Passions album.


Chris Savas
A friend to George,  fellow Greek,  and an amazing photographer. Check out his work!

Chris Spheeris
Amazing guitarist, great guy, and Greek to boot!
Cindi's voice is angelic.. And her new album is a must. Stay tuned as we continue to work and record more music together.

CORE Institute
The CORE Institute School of Massage Therapy and Structural Bodywork.  George P. Kousaleos, the Founder of CORE, is an Executive Producer of my album ATHENA.

Darcy Elleby Pino Photography
George’s dear friend and responsible for the great new photos for George’s new album Imagine.


Frank Relations

George's fun and sassy publicist is Lisa Frank.  She is a delightful talent to work with! 

Heal Center Atlanta
A center committed to addressing all aspects of your health, well-being, and holistic education. Established by my friend Roz Zollinger, Reflexologist and Aromatherapist.


Heart Inspired
Heart Inspired presentations is a safe, gentle, loving hub for motivational, inspirational ideas to help you discover your true self, your life’s purpose, and your natural goals for success.


Ilios Noche Restaurant

George's favorite Mediterranean restaurant in the Charlotte, NC area. AMAZING food, great atmosphere, great service. Try the chargrilled octopus…awesome.

Josephine's Antiques
One of the Executive Producers of Sanctuary.  A beautiful store in Alpharetta, GA filled with antiques, fine linens, and gifts. Carla will take good care of you!



My favorite hideaway when staying in Santorini, Greece.




Kevin Lawson

A guitar playing, heart on his sleeve troubadour — Kevin is a 100% grade-A rockstar. A charismatic crooner, spirit-filled punk rock preacher with pipes, and dear friend who is an integral part of Forever Young.


Founded by  visionary Kelly Nelson L.E.D is a collection of artists, performers, and amazing talent.

Mainly Piano
Kathy Parsons. Piano teacher extraordinaire, music reviewer, animal enthusiast, photographer & my friend. She is now happily living in Oregon.

Massage Nerd
One of the happiest people I know, Ryan Hoyme is your best source for staying connected and educated in the massage & spa industry.


Massage Today Magazine

Covers current news and techniques in the massage industry. Includes current issue and archives, directory

of therapists and calendar.
A great online source for the needs of every massage therapist.

Matt McClendon
Graphic designer extraordinaire. Matt has been George's exclusive graphic designer for his CDs.


The official site for the National Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences, for which I am a member. They are also the governing body of the Grammy Awards.


The web design folks who transformed and launched the design for my website.  Very easy to work with, and produce high quality sites.

One Planet United
One Planet United seeks to enhance the lives of all people through educational programs, projects and resources designed to bring about the elimination of prejudice, division and intolerance, one community at a time.

The Mediterranean king of guitar from Canada. A friend and very talented musician. Check him out.


Piedmont Hospital Cancer Wellness Center

Cancer Wellness at Piedmont is the region's leader in providing comprehensive, complementary cancer services and programs to anyone affected by cancer at any phase in his or her journey.

Sandi Pike Foundas

Talented artist, and a kind and generous soul.  Sandi is a Silver Executive producer of the Passions album.

Scott Gamble  

Please allow me to introduce musicologist and fellow Greek, Scott Gamble.

Tarika Lovegarden

Tarika’s meditations are experiential, fun and engaging. She eloquently presents techniques that are innovative and down-to-earth.


The Secret
The Secret Revealed: Learn the secret of life...this is an amazing motivating program about the “law of attraction.”


Solo Piano
The mission of 'Whisperings' is to introduce listeners to a carefully selected group of solo piano artists they probably would not have otherwise heard of.

Soothing Touch                                    
This amazing company has worked with massage therapists for the past 30 years to create the highest quality professional massage products available. 

State of the Arts

Georgia Public Broadcasting’s exciting quarterly program featuring art and artists across Georgia. It also includes the great work of my friend and multi-Emmy Award winning videographer, Mitchell Zastrow.

Trammell Starks
Producer of several of George's CDs including Sanctuary, Forever Young, Reunion, Divinity of Dogs, and most recently, Passions.

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